1. Family Swim is reserved for children accompanied by a parent dressed in swim attire. The parent must accompany child in the pool.

  2. Open Swim is available to all participants. Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied in the water by a parent or adult.

  3. Lap Swim lanes are available to individuals for lap swim or independent exercise.

  4. Circle Swim when lap lanes have four or more swimmers in a lane, the lane will change to circle swim. They will swim in a counter-clockwise circle. If swimmers in the circle need to rest, they should rest in the left corner of the lane. 

  5. Children ages 6-9 need to demonstrate front float to standing position to swim without an adult in the water.

  6. Life jackets can be used in the shallow water only and child must be within arm’s reach of parent.

  7. The lifeguard is the authority in the pool area.

  8. Rubber pants or swim diapers must be worn under swimsuit for children who are not potty trained. 

  9. All persons in the pool must be dressed in swim attire.

  10. Street shoes are not allowed in pool area.

  11. Any questions or problems regarding pool policy should be directed to the Aquatic Director.

  12. Inflatables are not allowed for safety purposes. Please ask the lifeguard for a life jacket.


  1. Walk off the diving board.

  2. Wait until the person in front of you has finished swimming to the ladder before entering the water.

  3. One person on the board at a time ¾ one bounce on the board.

  4. Do not swim under or around the diving board when it is in use.

  5. Back dives are allowed off the board with permission of the lifeguard on duty.  No inwards are allowed.

  6. No diving off diving blocks.

  7. To ensure safety, the lifeguard has the authority to restrict any individual from using the diving area.

  8. Fulcrum must be in the forward position.

  9. Individuals will be asked to do a swim test before entering diving well.

  10. Parents cannot catch their children off the diving board.



  1. One person on the slide at a time - Children are allowed to ride on a parent's lap. 

  2. Persons must be 48″ tall or pass a swim test.

  3. No swimsuits or shorts with metal rivets or buttons allowed.

  4. Eyeglasses are not advised on the slide.

  5. Slide in feet first, face-up position; no life jackets.

  6. No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping in tunnels.

  7. Parents cannot catch their children off the slide.

  8. When using slide, swim to the nearest exit.