STRONG Challenge Week 3: Connect

Your STRONG Challenge continues with Connect! This week we will get STRONGer through CONNECTing with people. Did you know that on average we receive over 6,000 messages a day? Let that sink in... These constant beeps, dings, buzzes, and tweets are demanding our attention and severely hurting our health. And worse, they are pulling us away from the things that truly matter the most in our short lives. This week, you will be challenged to go deeper mentally and spiritually in the Challenge. You got this and we believe in YOU, because YOU are STRONG.


Write your goals on the Strong Tracking Sheet and post them in a prominent place in your home, somewhere that will remind you of your progress and commitment every day. Next, find an accountability buddy or partner who will provide the motivation you’ll need for the next few weeks (this is a critical step), or get your family on board. Finally, join the Facebook Community Group and share your struggles, failures, and success with your new friends!

Resources to help you create deeper connections with others:


Below are some ideas to get you off the couch and onto a new healthier life. This is how we’ll fight, how we’ll get STRONG. Add activity goals to your Week 2 tracking sheet, at least 20 minutes for 3-5 days.

In the Community

  • Complete the Festival Foods Turkey Trot: Home Edition Register HERE through November 26.
  • Connect with nature! Did you know there is a walking or hiking trail near all 5 Y locations? Check out the Bruce B. Purdy Nature Preserve at Apple Creek YMCA, the Newberry Trail along with river near the Appleton YMCA, the trail around Fox West YMCA, Loop the Lake past the Neenah-Menasha YMCA, or try the CE Trail by Heart of the Valley YMCA.

At Home

  • Schedule one or two screen-free evenings this week. No texts, TV or social media.
  • Decorate your front door or a front window at home that makes people smile.
  • Write a letter or send a card to a family or friend to let the know you are thinking of them. 
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood. 
  • Deepen your spiritual connection. Find resources on our website HERE
  • Write out what you are grateful for. Try this one page Gratitude Journal.


  • Follow Sarah Johnson, Mental Health Director for the La Crosse Area Family YMCA, and her collection of collection of Mental Health and Mindfulness resources on YouTube HERE.
  • Schedule a virtual workout with a friend or attend a fitness class together. 
  • Have a virtual dinner with family or friends, add a theme to make it more fun!
  • Search for guided meditations on YouTube. Try Calm for free options or download their app for more. 
  • Follow a Guided Meditation with Holly HERE.

Healthy Recipes (for Thanksgiving or any day of the week)

Try these healthier alternatives to your traditional dishes: