STRONG Challenge Week 1: GOALS

Your STRONG Challenge begins with setting fitness goals. Although we'll be encouraging you in other areas of your life, we want to start by focusing on physical health and wellness. Start by setting goals for yourself or your family to achieve during the next six weeks. Whether you are at the "walk around the block" level or at the "run the next marathon" level, start where you are, and we'll grow from there. Achieving goals will set the foundation for healthier habits for life. You were made for more!


Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin when setting your goals. Here are some tools to help you get started: 


Write your goals on the Strong Tracking Sheet and post them in a prominent place in your home, somewhere that will remind you of your progress and commitment every day. Next, find an accountability buddy or partner who will provide the motivation you’ll need for the next few weeks (this is a critical step), or get your family on board. Finally, join the Facebook Community Group and share your struggles, failures, and success with your new friends!


Below are some ideas to get you off the couch and onto a new healthier life. This is how we’ll fight, how we’ll get STRONG. Add activity goals to your Week 1 tracking sheet, at least 20 minutes for 3-5 days.

In the Community

  • Sign up for the Festival Foods Turkey Trot: Home Edition HERE
  • Find a local walking trail HERE
  • Take your dog to the dog park in Outagamie or Winnebago counties

At Home

  • Rake leaves
  • Bike outdoors 20 minutes
  • Walk or run outdoors 20 minutes
  • Clean out your garage
  • Play basketball, baseball, tag, or another game with your kids