STRONG Challenge Week 4: Reset

The STRONG Challenge continues with finding ways to REST! Chillaxing, naps, a good night's sleep...REST. It's something we all need desperately to thrive but ignore its mystical powers. Why does REST always seem to get put on the backburner of our 1000 MPH-paced lives? We all fall victim to not falling asleep at a regular time, ignoring quiet time with prayer and/or meditation or not designating a rest day for our week. This week, we reclaim our health with the power naps, sleeping in, quieting our minds...this week, we REST!


Write your goals on the Strong Tracking Sheet and post them in a prominent place in your home, somewhere that will remind you of your progress and commitment every day. Next, find an accountability buddy or partner who will provide the motivation you’ll need for the next few weeks (this is a critical step), or get your family on board. Finally, join the Facebook Community Group and share your struggles, failures, and success with your new friends!

Resources to help you live a more restful life:


Below are some ideas to get you off the couch and onto a new healthier life. This is how we’ll fight, how we’ll get STRONG. Add activity goals to your Week 4 tracking sheet, at least 20 minutes for 3-5 days.

In the Community

At Home

  • Read a book or read one chapter of a book a day.
  • Embrace the sunshine - spend an hour outdoors without electronics. 
  • Ask your parter to take care of the family for 15 minutes and use it to relax, reset and become reenergized. Then, do the same for them!
  • Take a bubble bath. 
  • Reset your mind and shut off the devices and screens for one night. 
  • Read to your kiddos other than at bedtime. 


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