Changing The World For Good: YMCA World Service Campaign

The Y responds to community needs in the U.S and around the globe. In 119 countries there are YMCA’s helping people reach their full potential for a better future. Ys are tackling society’s most pressing issues like poverty, educational disparities, conflict, and shrinking support networks. When you give to the Y’s World Service, you help reduce barriers and provide opportunities for more individuals, children and families to thrive. To help build a more inclusive, equitable world for all, YMCA World Services raises financial and technical resources to help Ys worldwide strengthen their capacity to reach and transform more lives.

Our Fox Cities Y global initiatives include assisting: the Sioux YMCA on the Lakota reservation in South Dakota where we provide support for impactful programs, camps and nutritional meals. In addition, we have a relationship with the YMCA Camohmila School outside Mexico City, which serves youth from vulnerable neighborhoods around the rural towns of Mexico City. This YMCA provides housing, meals, health services and recreation to these young people. Your support empowers these Ys to assist people in their community overcome barriers such as poverty, illiteracy, or chronic disease by providing them with access to the building blocks of self-determination: social inclusion, quality education, health services, leadership development, and safe spaces for personal growth.

Our World Service funds also help provide an international understanding through our work at overnight Camp Nan A Bo Sho in Lakewood, WI. We are very proud of the fact that each year, we provide camp counselor opportunities to several individuals from outside our country. The international counselors’ perspectives provide unique and global learning opportunities for our young camp participants.