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Membership Development Assistant
Kristin Johnson
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Workplace Wellness

Employee Health And Wellness Is Good Business

The YMCA is a leader in improving the quality of life and nurturing lifelong development of healthier individuals, families and communities. We are committed to your employees' well-being.

When your company joins the YMCA Workplace Wellness Program, not only will your employees benefit, your company will benefit as well. It's a fact that healthy employees are more productive, have lower stress, miss less work and have fewer medical claims.

Bringing The Y To You

  • Better Health leads to better work performance
  • Positive Attitudes improve morale company-wide
  • Healthy People mean fewer medical claims
  • Fit Employees handle stress and tension better
  • Greater Wellness reduces overall healthcare costs
  • Active Lifestyles give employees a sense of well-being

The Y has the expertise to help you develop a stronger, more vibrant and productive workforce. We can offer your company employee memberships, on-site fitness assessments, Lunch and Learns, wellness challenges, group fitness classes, stress management and much more.


  • Business partner provides their employees a monthly membership subsidy at a minimum of $5 per month
  • The Y matches 50% up to $10 per month
  • The Y will waive the joiner fee
  • The Y provides participating employee a complimentary one week trial membership to their local Y


  • Fitness Assessments
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • On-Site Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Chair Massage
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Stress Release Techniques and Programs
  • Help to Design and Manage an On-Site Wellness Center
  • Lunch and Learns/Wellness Seminars
  • Healthy Back Class
  • Team Building Activities
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Incentives and Wellness Challenges
  • On-Site Wellness Clubs
  • Monthly Wellness Tips
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • On-Site Part-time or Full-time Wellness Coordinator
  • Develop and Manage Employee Wellness Surveys


  • Corporate Nights at the Y
  • Sports Leagues
  • Camp Nan A Bo Sho or Camp Shioc retreats and team building


We can help create a partnership in well-being to provide a plan that offers a healthier workplace environment for you and your employee. By connecting with the Y, employees receive personalized service supporting them on their journey in getting active as they become engaged in a healthier lifestyle.

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Workplace Wellness Booklet
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