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Facility Address

Heart of the Valley YMCA
225 West Kennedy Avenue
P.O. Box 215
Kimberly, WI 54136
Phone: 920.830.5700
Fax: 920.830.3068

Togetherhood™ Contact:

Sharon Johnson
Executive Director
Heart of the Valley YMCA
920.830.5705 / E-mail Sharon


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At the Y, we are dedicated to strengthening community by giving back and supporting our neighbors. We know that members, like you, have lots of ideas and the desire to reach out to make positive changes in our community.

That's why we invite you to participate in Togetherhood® a program that gives Y members the opportunity to select, plan, lead and participate in meaningful community service projects that benefit people and organizations right here in our neighborhood!

Togetherhood® invites members to participate in the Y's cause to strengthen community. Collecting school supplies, donating blood, or running a park cleanup are just some of the countless ways Y members and their friends and families can come together in service to their community.

Heart of the Valley YMCA Togetherhood® Initiatives:

Buddy Bag Program

In collaboration with the Fox Valley Metro Police Department (FVMPD), Flex Academy and the Heart of the Valley YMCA, the "Buddy Bags" program was created in an effort to comfort children involved in traumatic situations. Equipped with the preassembled bags, First Responders will give one to a child who has been involved in or witness to a stressful event such as an automobile accident, domestic disturbance, or homeless situation. Inside the "Buddy Bag" backpack, a child will find an age-appropriate book to read, coloring book and crayons, and a small, cuddly stuffed animal. These treasures will help First Responders console children who are sad, scared, and feeling lonely. Not only will the "Buddy Bag" ease the mind of an upset child at the scene, it is our hope that it will comfort the child for the days following an incident. Because this is an ongoing effort, Togetherhood® will initially stock and continually maintain a supply of "Buddy Bags" for the FVMPD to help distressed children within the community. (The Buddy Bag collaboration is being expanded to include the Kaukauna Police Department in the Fall of 2017)

Donations Needed:

  • Books - Specific titles, appropriate to the age and situation, have been selected for the "Buddy Bags". Books are available for purchase at the Heart of the Valley YMCA and you can stop by the YMCA Member Service Desk to review the books, make your selection, purchase and sign your name on the inside cover as a donor to the program.
  • Stuffed Toys - Brand new, beanie baby sized toys can be donated to the Heart of the Valley YMCA all year long.
  • Dollars - Money can be donated to the project at any time. Make checks payable to: YMCA and mark as "Buddy Bag Donation". Drop off or mail to the Heart of the Valley YMCA at PO Box 215, Kimberly, WI 54136.

Shoes to Trees

The YMCA Togetherhood® program, in collaboration with the MORE Foundation Group, are collecting gently used but not abused athletic and soccer shoes size 7-11. The program will help YMCA's overseas support themselves. Every donated pair of shoes sends 10 tree seeds to a YMCA overseas and removes one ton of carbon from the atmosphere. Instead of going to landfills, used athletic shoes can create commerce and prosperity for YMCA's in developing nations and for the communities they support. Drop boxes can be found in the lobby of all YMCA of the Fox Cities locations (Apple Creek, Appleton, Fox West, Heart of the Valley and Neenah-Menasha YMCA’s)

For more information about the Shoes to Trees program, click HERE

Giving Tree

Collecting gifts and gift card donations for families in our community who can’t afford to purchase Christmas gifts for their children. Watch for more information in November at your local YMCA branch.

Many projects are happening at each YMCA of the Fox Cities location throughout the year so if you are interested in getting involved, please let us know!

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