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Finding an exercise schedule that suits you is the first step to beginning a healthier, more active lifestyle, and the Y is giving you the opportunity to achieve your goals on your time. We are now offering three 24/7 facilities throughout the Fox Cities that give you the convenience of working out on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. That means 7 days a week, and 365 days a year of unlimited access to wellness centers, free weight areas, and indoor tracks. No matter your reason, we want to help you stay connected to what you love.


No more excuses, because scheduling your workout just got easier! Members of the YMCA of the Fox Cities, who are ages 18+, are welcome to apply for 24/7 Wellness Center access at the Member Services desk of your local Y. 

To apply for access, you must sign a 24/7 access waiver and agree to abide by our policies and purchase a $5/person/month activation bar code. 24/7 members are welcome to use the Y’s wellness center, free weight area and track any time, day or night. Please note, there will be no staff available to assist members during non-staffed hours. Please see our website to view current staffed building hours.

How To Apply For 24/7 Access

Y members ages 18+ may apply for 24/7 Wellness Center access at the Member Services desk of any YMCA of the Fox Cities location. This benefit is ONLY for members of the YMCA of the Fox Cities. Each member (age 18+) must have their own separate 24/7 access and must scan in separately. Individuals with a day pass, one-month membership, AWAY members, Nationwide members & other short-term memberships/visiting guests are unable to apply for access. The Y will notify you if your access is approved, and your bar code will be activated. This process typically takes 1-3 days. The cost is $5/person/month.

Safety & Security

Our YMCA 24/7 Wellness Center areas are protected by our advanced security video surveillance system. Note that this system does not provide staffing assistance for emergencies that might arise. As such, we highly recommend that you exercise with another 24/7 member when using our facility outside of staffed hours.

Emergency telephone, First Aid Kit and AED is located in the Wellness Center at the entrance of the area. In case of emergency, please dial 911. For your safety, some parking lot lights will remain on after the Y closes. Please park in the lit area. Snow removal will not be completed until regular business hours, possibly later due to certain weather conditions. During inclement weather, you may still access the facility after hours but at your own risk from the elements. Please note the Y will post closed hours for select holidays and inclement weather.

Honor Code

The Y has a strict 24/7 Wellness Center Honor Code based on the Y’s values of honesty, respect, caring and responsibility. These guidelines are in place for the safety and security of our members, and the protection of our property. 

If a Y member fails to abide by these policies, their 24/7 access, and potentially their membership, will be revoked with no refund given.

Facility Access

To utilize our 24/7 facilities after hours, download the Kisi app to your smartphone. This will allow access to the wellness center, free weight room, and indoor track areas as long as your membership remains current. Should you not have a smart phone you may purchase a physical Kisi fob for $6/fob. 

To access the building, enable Bluetooth and location services. When approaching the facility, open your app and tap the location you wish to enter while holding your phone up to the reader located at the YMCA location’s front door. You will hear the door activate and see the reader light turn green allowing the door to open. The system will automatically re-lock the door after 5 seconds. When entering and exiting the facility, please ensure the door closes behind you. Everyone must use their own app or fob to gain access. For the safety of our members, please do not hold the door for anyone. This is important as we track who is in the building at all times. 

Your Kisi app and fob may not be shared with others (including family), and members are not allowed to grant facility access to anyone else. Doing so is a violation of our policy and will result in you permanently losing your 24-hour access to the YMCA and possible termination of your YMCA of the Fox Cities membership.