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Youth In Government is a national YMCA program for youth in grades 7-12. The program enables young people to prepare for moral and political leadership through training in theory and practices of developing public policy. Participants research topics and prepare for presentations for the Model Assembly Session at the State Capital. Through these events, students will meet other individuals their age and learn how they can collectively make an impact.
The YMCA of the Fox Cities has the largest student-driven delegation in Wisconsin. Meetings, major decisions and fundraising ideas for the delegation are created and monitored by student-elected co-presidents with the help of adult advisors. 

Participation in Youth In Government

Youth In Government takes a hands-on approach to involving students in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government. This includes providing delegates the opportunity to participate in the Assembly and Senate, the Supreme Court and a Press Corps. 

Time Commitment

Youth In Government runs roughly from October through February. The Fox Cities delegation meets weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM at the Appleton YMCA. All students who participate in Youth In Government must attend the majority of the meetings and actively take part in fundraising and community service events.


Volunteerism is a wonderful opportunity for delegates to make a difference in their community and the Y while working with other delegates. All students are required to work at the program-run fundraisers throughout the year. The money earned goes to offset the cost of the state fees and programming supplies.