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YMCA Overnight Camp Nan A Bo Sho

Founded in 1964, Camp Nan A Bo Sho can be found on the beautiful shores of Waubee Lake in northern Wisconsin. Offering a variety of programs in which participants will develop new skills and talents, and build character and an appreciation for our environment. All our activities revolve around the YMCA's core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.


Danielle Pickering-Polzin | Camp Director

Danielle “Chip” Pickering-Polzin Camp Director

For over three decades, Danielle has been a figure in the world of camping, weaving her passion, expertise and leadership into the fabric of countless camp experiences. Her journey, which began in the warm embrace of campfires and under the expansive starry skies as a camper, has evolved into a distinguished career marked by dedication and commitment to youth development and outdoor education.

Born with an innate love for nature and a spirit of adventure, Danielle found her calling early in life. Her childhood summers spent canoeing and kayaking through some of the world's most breathtaking lakes not only fueled her passion for the outdoors but also laid the groundwork for her future. This foundational experience inspired her to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, a decision that would later enable her to blend her love for the outdoors with a profound desire to make a difference in the lives of children.

Danielle's favorite aspect of camp life, the wilderness trips, echoes her belief in the transformative power of nature and adventure. These expeditions are not merely trips; they are carefully crafted experiences that foster independence, teamwork, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the environment among campers.

Away from the camp, Danielle's life is equally vibrant and full. She is a devoted mother to three daughters, each embodying her spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors. Alongside her faithful Goldendoodle, Montana, Danielle's family life is filled with activity, echoing the energy and dynamism of her professional world.

Danielle “Chip” Polzin
Camp Director


Erin Getzin | Assistant Camp Director

Erin Getzin, Assistant Camp Director

Erin, a true camp enthusiast born and raised, recently became a cherished member of the Camp Nan A Bo Sho family in the winter of 2023. With a childhood immersed in the camp culture, Erin's affinity for camp life was cultivated by attending camps in Arizona and Mississippi, where her mother served as an Assistant Director. From those early experiences, Erin knew her heart belonged to the world of camps.

After completing her studies at Winona State University, where she earned a degree in Recreation and Tourism, Erin embarked on a journey that led her to follow the call of the camp to Washington State for two enriching years. However, her love of spending time with her family eventually drew her back to the Midwest, where she enthusiastically joined the team at Camp Nan A Bo Sho.

Erin's eagerness is palpable as she looks forward to forging meaningful connections with the diverse members of the Camp Nan A Bo Sho community. She is particularly excited about witnessing the growth and flourishing of both staff and campers throughout their summer experiences at NABS.

When Erin isn't immersed in the camp environment, she can be found indulging in her hobbies, which include daydreaming about the upcoming summer, crafting heartfelt snail mail, and exploring the charming corners of her new hometown in Appleton.

Erin Getzin
Assistant Camp Director