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An injury can have a dramatic effect on the quality of life. Recovery from injury or surgery can present a number of challenges that may take a physical, mental and emotional toll. The post-rehab program will take you to the next level and assist you in returning to not only your normal daily activities but also to help you meet any fitness or sports goals.

The Post-rehab program provides a continuation of healing for individuals recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, after discharge from rehabilitative services through Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. Your Physical Therapist will work directly with your certified Personal Trainer to relay the history of your injury or surgery and physical therapy as well as ensure appropriate exercise progression.

Program fee includes: Two month Y membership and an eight-week program consisting of 12 visits with a certified personal trainer. Two 45-minute sessions per week during the first four weeks. One 45-minute session per week for the second four weeks. Sessions include warm up, land or water program and cool down/stretch.

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