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Now that you’ve decided to attend Camp Nan A Bo Sho, what’s next? Here is just about everything you need to know to be prepared for camp.


All camp communication is done by email. Please ensure you have a valid email on file and check your email regularly. Below is a link to the parent packets, which includes all the details you need for your campers’ Nan A Bo Sho experience.

General Camp

Summer Daze

Family Fun Weekend


Packing for camp can be exciting, but gathering all the items you need can be overwhelming. Here is our suggested packing lists to make preparation easy! If you see something on a list you don’t have, let us know as we may have equipment/clothing that your camper can borrow while at camp.

Please note: Please do not send any type of electronics, gum, candy or snacks. These items are not allowed at camp.


“No news is good news” is an old adage that also applies to camp! Here are some options for staying connected to your campers:

Letters or Care Packages

Please address as follows:
Camper Name, Program Name
Camp Nan A Bo Sho
18369 Okonto Ln.
Lakewood, WI 54138

Bunk Notes (Emails)

We have partnered with Bunk One to offer a one-way email service for our camp families.
We will print Bunk Notes once daily and deliver them to the counselor’s mailbox for delivery later in the day. Bunk Notes sent after 10:00 AM will be delivered the next day. Please note that Bunk notes sent after 10:00 AM on Thursdays or anytime on Fridays may not be delivered before camper departure.

The registration instructions and Camp Nan A Bo Sho specific code can be found in the link below.

Bunk 1 Email Service Directions


Follow our Facebook! We post select photos throughout the summer. Full photo galleries will be posted either after the session or at end of the summer (as time permits).


Helpful Communication Tips
We strive to build independence at camp and understand staying in contact is important. Please discuss the level of communication your camper desires before coming to camp. If you do choose to reach out, here are some tips:

  • Letters and Emails:
    • Always be positive and encouraging.
    • Ask specific questions about their camp experience – they might be encouraged to write back to share about it!
    • To help alleviate the feelings of missing home, focus on what they are doing at camp and not how much you miss them.
    • Include a picture.
    • Make a puzzle or word search for them to complete at FOB.
    • Campers will not have access to phones/computers, so encourage them to write letters home.
    • For Bunk Notes, we print and distribute 50-100 every day, so please combine all communication from one family into one email when possible.
    • For siblings at camp, be sure to send separate letters/emails.
  • Care Packages:
    • Care packages are a great opportunity to send fun activities or games the cabin can do together – card games, toys, books, stickers, tattoos and puzzles.
    • We do not allow food items to be mailed to our campers due to potential allergies. Food can also attract unwanted insects and animals in the cabin. If food or candy is sent to your camper, we will keep it safe for pickup at the end of the session.

Driving Directions

The camp address is: 18369 Okonto Ln., Lakewood, WI 54138. More detailed directions are available in the Parent Information Packet.

Bus Service

  • Below is the bus schedule, please ensure you are looking at the correct one for your program.

Bus Schedule

  • Bus transportation requires a separate registration and fee that must be completed prior to your arrival at the bus stop.
  • Camp Nan A Bo Sho staff chaperone all buses.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure to allow enough time for loading luggage.
  • Upon return from camp, campers will be released from the bus after their parent/guardian’s ID has been verified.

The Trading Post is our small camp store that’s open during designated times each week for campers to purchase items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stuffed animals, friendship bracelets, flashlights, journals, small toys and more.

You can add money to your camper’s account using the Camp Store registration option in our registration system or directly at camp using cash, check or credit card. We recommend $20-$50 for a weeklong session.

All campers will check their money into the Trading Post upon arrival at camp. Campers will each have an account created for them to charge against during their camp experience. No money should be kept in the cabin as the camp is not responsible for any money lost or stolen. Any balance over $5 will be returned in cash after breakfast on the day of departure.


We encourage our campers to make new friends at camp but if they’d prefer to room with a friend, please see the guidelines below.

  • Each camper can make ONE camper request – if you request more than one name, we will honor the first name on the list.
  • The request must be mutual and come from both campers.
  • Both campers must be attending the same program.
  • Requests must be received at least two weeks before the start of the session to ensure time to rearrange cabins if needed.
  • To make a request, please email the two names of the campers, the camp session and program name to
  • We cannot guarantee all requests, and will call you prior to the session if we are unable to accommodate the request.

Camp Nan A Bo Sho utilizes the services of CampDoc, an online forms completion software that allows us to securely collect important camper health and history information.

Camp Doc access will be emailed to you 1-2 weeks after you register for camp. We have found that some email services block this welcome email so please check your spam/junk folders before contacting us.

  1. Access your CampDoc account at
  2. Use your email address and password established upon account creation. If necessary, you can use the reset password link to create a new password.
  3. Once logged in, you will see a check-list of the following items to complete at least one week prior to beginning of your campers camp session:
    • General Information
    • Camper Information\Insurance
    • Health History
    • Allergies
    • Medications
    • Immunizations
    • Diet & Activity
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Healthcare Providers
    • Authorizations

Medical Forms
All campers and staff are required to have a completed CampDoc profile prior to camp start.

Camp Nan A Bo Sho requires all campers and staff to comply with the State of WI immunization requirements for school entry or to complete an immunization waiver based on religious or philosophical exemption prior to camp.

Medical Care While At Camp

  • Our health center is staffed by certified medical staff.
  • A clinic and hospital are located approximately 45 minutes from camp.
  • Parents/Guardians will be notified if their child needs medical treatment through a hospital or clinic, stays overnight in the health center, or is evacuated off a trail experience for medical reasons.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) and Prescription Medications
    • All medications should be packed in your camper’s luggage and will be checked into the health center during our opening-day check-in process. Any unused medications brought to camp will be returned to the camper on the morning of closing day.
    • Only send OTC medications with your camper if they take them regularly. OTC will only be administered per package instructions and must be FDA-approved.
    • We have OTC medications which will be provided to campers and staff as needed under our written procedures provided by our consulting physician.
    • We recommend that any child who has been prescribed an inhaler to bring it with them to camp even if they have not used one recently. Many children may not use an inhaler in their everyday activities, but we find many have an increased need for their inhaler during camp.
    • We also accept age-appropriate doses of multivitamins, melatonin, probiotics, calcium, and other vitamins. Please be mindful of age requirements as many medications and supplements are not recommended for children under age of 12 and will not be administered without a physician’s order.
    • All prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy container and have a physician's prescription. The correct name, date and instructions must be on the bottle. We will NOT administer any prescription medication that is improperly labeled or not does not have a physician’s prescription.

Pricing & Registration Fees
You do not need to be a member or the YMCA of the Fox Cities to attend Camp Nan A Bo Sho. Y members receive a lower price and we encourage our camp families to consider becoming members. Y memberships must be maintained from the time of registration through the completion of the camp program to receive the member price. All registration fees include staffing, all activities, equipment use, meals, lodging and facilities.

Deposit & Payment
All camp programs require a $100 non-refundable deposit that must be made at the time of registration.
The remaining balances are due two weeks prior to the first day of camp and will be withdrawn automatically using the payment method on file. If you require a personalized payment plan, please contact us.

Financial Assistance
We believe all children deserve a camp experience and that cost shouldn’t be a barrier. If needed, we encourage families to apply for financial assistance, available through generous donors to the YMCA of the Fox Cities Annual Campaign, using this link:


Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel more than two weeks before the start of the session, your cost will be refunded minus the $100 non-refundable deposit.
  • If you cancel within two weeks of the session start date, Camp Nan A Bo Sho will retain 100% of the session fee.
  • In the event of dismissal due to misconduct or withdrawal due to homesickness, Camp Nan A Bo Sho will retain 100% of the session fee.
  • All pre-order t-shirt and sweatshirt sales are refundable through April 30. After May 1, all sales are final.
  • In the event Camp Nan A Bo Sho cancels a program due to low enrollment, the $100 deposit and any fees paid are transferrable to another camp program within the same summer or are fully refundable.