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As we navigate through life, we focus on our personal health which often means our physical health. We spend a great deal of time and energy investing in healthy eating habits and creating a fitness routine that works best for us. A huge shift in our culture has also included a focus on our mental health. For some this might mean creating healthy boundaries, meditation or counseling. Though all these things are incredibly important and lead to a well-rounded life for us and our families, it still leaves me asking; What brings you happiness? What brings you purpose? What feeds your soul?

Travel, of all kinds, can be extraordinary. Even the thought of travel can be an exciting adventure. Travel demands wishful thinking - Allowing you to use your imagination, dream and hope. This positive and encouraging mindset can even be a type of meditation itself.

Travel can also require a huge leap of faith, quite literally hoping that something exceptional comes of it. Travel is something we jump in to, not knowing exactly what the outcome will be no matter how hard we plan. I always say to my fellow travelers, one thing you can be certain of with travel is that something will not go as planned. Does that have to be a bad thing?

Travel opens the door to so many new things. It opens the door to new landscapes, climates and adventures; but also to new cultures, customs and points of views. I argue that travel is not necessarily all about the destination or what excursion you are planning but stumbling upon a fresh perspective. Exploring a new point of view can be incredibly freeing, educational and eye-opening.

Travel can mean so many things - a week full of lounging on the beach, an adventure hiking through the mountains, exploring a new culture and cuisine or a little bit of it all. No matter what you are interested in, I encourage you to take that leap of faith and put yourself out there.

Why? Travel is essential. It is not essential the way that hospitals and grocery stores are essential. Travel is essential the way books and hugs are essential. Food for the soul. 

I know travel can be intimidating. Much goes into a successful trip. Traveling with peers that have a common interest could be a great start. Where itineraries have been set for you and all you must do is pack an open mind and open heart.

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Kate Yates is the ForeverWell Program Director for the YMCA of the Fox Cities. Prior to her work with the Y, Kate spent about 10 years serving an adult population in the recreation and therapeutic field. Kate believes it is essential that as adults we continue to search possibilities for new hobbies, explore a fitness routine that works best for us and take advantage of programs and travel that open us up to new friends and new adventures. It’s her mission to provide a well-rounded curriculum of programs and events for adults throughout the YMCA of the Fox Cities. 

Kate is working hard to grow our ForeverWell opportunities. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her with any ideas and/or questions that you may have: 920.886.2105 or


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