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How to Give Back this Holiday Season

With Christmas only a few weeks away, we’re reminded of the importance of giving back to those we love and those in need. It’s easy to only focus on what you receive, and while you’ll be filled with joy through what you’re given, you’ll feel even better when you give. There are numerous ways to give back, which includes giving of your time, talents and treasures to others.

Time - There are many opportunities to give your time to countless charities throughout the Fox Cities. For instance, the Salvation Army, the Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley, and the Appleton Homeless Shelter are many places in need of volunteers where you can help make a difference. The YMCA also has several volunteer opportunities that require a variety of different skills including Fundraising, Special Events, Nature Preserve Trail Crew help, Child Care, Youth Sports Coaching and more.

Talent - From coaching basketball, soccer, football, and volleyball, there are many opportunities for those who enjoy working with kids and have great leadership skills. Coached provide children with a positive experience, while also helping them find a love for the sport they’re playing. The Y also offers the chance for people to use their talents by teaching technology classes, fitness classes and more.

Treasure - Lastly, we’re able to give by donating our “treasures” to others. When you donate to the Y, you’ll be able to make a difference in someone’s life and provide an opportunity that they would otherwise be unable to have without your support. Small donations can go a long way towards making an everlasting impact, and can greatly impact the lives of others.

According to Cleveland Clinic, there are many health benefits that come with generosity. These include lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, a greater sense of happiness and even a longer life. This study also found that people who are 55 or older, and had volunteered for two or more organizations, were 44% more likely to live a longer life than those who didn’t volunteer. Through these volunteer opportunities, we’re able to exercise and engage with others, while being able to build a sense of unity with those in our community. It’s safe to say that giving boosts your physical and mental health at very significant rates, and is something we can all feel proud of.