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Register for School Age care at YMCA of the Fox Cities!

As another summer winds down and a new school year is on the horizon, the Y wants to remind parents and caregivers that the Y’s before and after-school program is a place where children can remain active and engaged during their time out of school – a critical time for all school-age children. Below, we’ve listed five reasons your child should get involved with Y after-school programming once school starts!

Physical Activity
The Y’s afterschool program combines learning with play. Each day, we provide physical activity which is vital to the overall health and wellbeing of every child in our program. Some physical activities include basketball, yoga, parachute games, tag games, kickball, outdoor play, relay races and more.

Healthy Eating Habits
Teaching children the importance of nutrition and healthy eating is key to their success – both in and out of school. Our after-school program ensures that kids in our community are provided with a healthy after-school snack any time they are in our care and are taught healthy eating habits. 

Academics, Arts & STEM
The Y’s afterschool program helps fill gaps in schools and communities where some academic and recreational activities may be limited. Kids can improve their study habits and reading skills; gain exposure to the arts; find a love for STEM activities and much more. Some of these activities include quiet homework time which staff assistance, small group read-aloud, partner reading, and themed art activities each week ranging from bracelets and slime making to painting and drawing. STEM-specific activities include hands-on exploration, creating tin foil boats, cars out of lifesavers, homemade lava lamps, volcanos and more. 

Character Building
Kids in our after-school program at the Y demonstrate improvement in the values, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for success in school and in life. Kids and teens can achieve, feel a sense of belonging and explore new interests. 

Safety Standards
It is vital that children have a safe, enriching environment for learning, both in and out of school. The Y’s afterschool program upholds the highest level of safety standards.