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Offered through the Apple Creek YMCA, this program brings nature to children right in your classroom - No buses or field trip forms needed!

A Nature Kids program is the perfect first step in introducing the exciting world of animals, plants and natural resources to young children. Our goal is to teach pre-school to kindergarten-age students environmental appreciation through hands-on activities, crafts, games and stories. 

The program runs 45-minutes to 1-hour depending on the topic and activities included. The Y's core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into each program. Our Nature Kids programs are specifically designed to meet the State of Wisconsin's Academic Standards. 



September Programs

Busy Bees - Learn about bees and their hives. Make a bee mask to take home, and learn to dance like a bee! 
Backyard Birds - Hear about common backyard birds, learn to "talk" like they do, and see their nests, feathers and more. 

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October Programs

Chipmunk Chatter - Shrink to the size of a chipmunk and experience life, food gathering and hibernation from their point of view.
Going Batty - Learn about these misunderstood animals and why it is great to have them around, then make a bat decoration just in time for Halloween!

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November Programs

Talking Turkeys - This big bird is more than just part of Thanksgiving. Learn why we have turkeys in Wisconsin today and try to walk and talk like a turkey. 
Nature Senses - Find out how our senses compare to animals and how they use their senses to help them survive in the wild. 

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December Programs

It's Snow Fun - Hear about what some of our winter active animals have to do just to find food or a warm bed, then make something they’ll enjoy as a snack!
Who is a Hibernator? - Not all animals that sleep during the winter are hibernating. Learn the difference between our many sleepers and hibernators

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January Programs

Oh Dear, Oh Dear - Learn about one of Wisconsin’s largest and most common animals and all its special adaptations. 
Mammal Mania - See, feel and compare fur from 10 different mammals, find out where they live, what they eat and other fun facts.

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February Programs

All About Owls - Learn about the amazing owl family and how to talk to them. Make and decorate your very own owl puppet.
Making Tracks - All animals leave tracks behind in the snow or mud. Learn their shapes and make plaster of Paris tracks to take home.

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March Programs

Snakes Alive - Meet and touch a real live snake and see why these cold-blooded creatures are great to have around. Then decorate a pet snake to show off to your friends! 
Beetles, Butterflies and Bugs - See examples of different kinds of insects, learn their body parts and make a butterfly decoration. 

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April Programs

Amazing Amphibians - See why frogs, toads and other amphibians are so different from us and learn about the changes they go through as they grow. 
Dirt Makes Our Lunch - Learn why dirt is so fun and meet some of the critters that call dirt home. Plant some seeds and take them home! 

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May Programs

Life in a Shell - Do turtles really carry their homes on their back? Meet these wonderful creatures and find out more about their lives. 
Schoolyard Safari What lives outside the walls of your school? We will “hike” around outdoors to find all sorts of animal life and take in the sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

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