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Map & Directions to Camp

Camp Nan A Bo Sho
18369 Okonto Lane
Lakewood, WI 5413

• Go North on Hwy 47
• Hwy 47 becomes 47/55
• Hwy 47/55 becomes 47 again
• In Bonduel continue North on 117 (at this point 47 branches to the left)
• Hwy 117 dead ends at Shawano Lake
• Turn right on Hwy 22
• Travel on Hwy 22 less than a mile to County Hwy H.
• Turn left onto H County Hwy H turns into County Hwy R
• Take County Hwy R until it ends.
• Turn right on County Hwy M
• County Hwy M ends at Hwy 32
• Turn a sharp left (north) onto Hwy 32
• Follow 32 north to Lakewood
• In Lakewood, turn right on County Hwy F
• Follow F, about 6 miles, to Waubee Lake Drive(Waubee Lodge is at this corner) and turn right
• Follow Waubee Lake Drive until you see the Camp Nan A Bo Sho sign (less than a mile) turn left onto Okonto Lane.
• You have now entered YMCA Camp Nan A Bo Sho