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Seven decades and thriving at the Y!

"My friend and I are great-grandmothers with some of the same physical problems, i.e. questionable balance and not very strong leg and core muscles. My friend’s daughter (my daughter-in-law) was more familiar with personal training so she set up our meeting with the Heart of the Valley YMCA. Even before our first meeting we were very enthusiastically greeted via e-mail by the director of the Wellness Center at Heart of the Valley. That contact surprised me but meant so much. We went into the meeting thinking “they” would probably cringe when they saw a couple of seniors coming in for personal training but we were so wrong. First off, we were met at the door with such affirmation and encouragement it was amazing, just made us feel so great. We were assigned our personal trainer and her qualifications were explained to us placing us very much at ease. We were led to a room where our limitations were discussed privately (we both have had surgeries and some hardware inserted here and there) and our trainer said she would set up a series of exercises and routines that would meet our needs. It all sounded so wonderful. I believe at this point, even though we were met with such enthusiasm we were still a little apprehensive until we began our sessions. 

Our trainer was awesome. She did not find our age or abilities a deterrent to helping us. She created our routines and, as we signed up for six sessions, she split all the different areas she wanted to cover evenly through those six sessions. Our trainer was so kind, helping us learn, never pushing us beyond our means, and always there for a multitude of questions and when we felt so inadequate she always had such encouraging words. I would truly recommend a personal trainer at Heart of the Valley for any age, even those enjoying their 7th decade or more. It feels good to feel good physically and it also feels good to have such caring people help and encourage you every step of the way."  

Locations: Appleton YMCA
Category: Healthy Living