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Providing a safe environment and creating a culture of safety for every person the Y connects with is essential to our mission, cause, and viability as an organization. Since 2013, staff representatives from each of our Y’s have come together to help minimize risks related to child safety.  With support from Y-USA and our resource partner Praesidium Inc., we are making positive strides in closing gaps focused on policy, staff, program and facility. YMCA of the Fox Cities strives to create a culture of safety every day. As a result, YMCA of the Fox Cities has gathered and developed resources to assist staff in learning about our child safety practices. It is our hope that the tools below will assist you in learning about our child safety practices and in your compliance with our Child Abuse Prevention Policies.


We have a team approach to our safety practices and policies, so any suggestions you have related to the safety of children, families and all those we serve at our Y, we want you to share them with us. You can contact your Supervisor, Branch Executive Director or one of the Child Safety Committee Members listed below.




Bill Breider, CEO/President

Brian Rammer, Executive Director, FWY

Tom Wendt, Executive Director, APY

Allison McGinnnis, Member Services Director, ACY             

Kim Norton, School Age Director, APY                      

Elizabeth Gloudeman, Swim Team Coach, APY

Erin Brennan, Aquatics Director, HVY              

Meaghan Johnson, Arts & Humanities Director, NMY          

Kevin Jakubek, Sports & Recreation Director, FWY            

Michelle Sorenson, Human Resources Generalist, Corp