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At the YMCA of the Fox Cities, we care about the health and well-being of our employees. We believe that employees who feel good contribute to a happier and more productive workplace. Because of this strong belief, we are taking positive steps to promote good health for all of our employees. 

Throughout the journey of our employee wellness initiative, we continued to hear from our employees about their desire to get involved with friendly fitness competitions and challenges. We have also received requests for more opportunities for employees to help improve their fitness level while having fun. 

We listened and we're excited to announce our partnership with Motion Connected. This online action-based platform will provide opportunities for you to join a variety of fitness challenges or create challenges of your own! This partnership will better utilize dollars that were allocated to Personal Health Assessments in the past and impacted only 7% of our employees. Now ALL employees AND spouses can participate!

How it works:

Motion Connected brings your activity data to life. It charts your steps, calories, distance and time, along with weight and blood pressure monitoring options. You have unlimited access to your personal data and online account. Your health profile information is confidential. You can also anonymize your screen name or create an alias for challenge leaderboards, which is never specific personal health information.

Motion Connected Wellness Platform Links:

Employee Wellness Champion Nomination Form:



Employee Wellness Team

Amanda Vander Logt - ACY

Kirsten Rice - FWY

Nick Krause - ACY

Maggie Pawlowski - FWY

Jenny Shampo - ACY

Paula Beyer - HVY

Patti Lynn - APY

Emily Paschen - HVY

Kristina Schultz - APY

Susan Hildebrandt - NMY

Loel Kreger - APY

Kate Harrell - NMY

Sara Tilkens - Corp

Katie Schalk - NMY




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