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Camp Nan a Bo Sho welcomes all participants and staff. We are committed to our camp being a welcoming and inclusive space, where everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential with dignity. We strive to create a safe place where every camper feels comfortable being and expressing their true, genuine selves.
Inclusion is a core part of our mission. We understand how important it is to go beyond statements and put our mission into action. Here at Camp Nan A Bo Sho we put that into action by:


  • We organize campers into cabins according to the female/male gender binary, which is a requirement of our State of Wisconsin licensing. We uphold that trans boys are boys and trans girls are girls. Campers will have access to lodging that reflects that. Campers who are transgender or non-binary are encouraged to group themselves where they feel most comfortable.
  • We cannot change the registration information or housing assignment of a camper without the consent of their parent or guardian.

Bathrooms, Showers and Changing Spaces

  • To respect the privacy of all our campers, we offer a variety of bathroom and shower options. Both gendered and gender-neutral bathrooms and showers are located throughout camp. Campers can choose which facilities they would like to use at any time.
  • All campers are encouraged to change in an area they are most comfortable with and provides the privacy they desire, be that within their own cabin or in a restroom/shower area. Counselors will make sure all campers know their options on the first day of camp.

Overnight Trips

  • Some of our camp programs feature on-site and off-site overnight trips in which campers and staff will be housed in tents. Campers will continue to be housed in the same way they are housed in their cabins while in camp.
  • Most wilderness locations do not have established bathrooms or offer basic “privy’s” which are, by nature, gender-neutral. Counselors will work with the campers to establish privacy at each campsite for bathroom needs.

Physical Accessibility

  • Camp includes gravel roads, steps to access many areas, and hiking trails in wooded areas. We will take every step possible to accommodate all campers. Please contact the Camp Director if you have questions about accessibility for your camper.

Supervision Ratios

  • While we want to welcome all children into our camp program, if your child requires an aide or 1:1 supervision within their school setting, please contact the Camp Director prior to registration to ensure we can meet their needs and make sure camp is the right place for your child. Camp Nan A Bo Sho does not have the ability for 1:1 supervision.


  • YMCA of the Fox Cities is a Christian organization. At camp, this is reflected by loving, caring, and serving others with an emphasis on encouraging all campers to live out their diverse beliefs and faith. There are certain traditions and activities at camp that may be perceived as spiritual or religious, including an on-site chapel and saying grace before meals. These activities are optional for each camper.

Legal Names & Pronouns

  • We will not assume a camper’s or staff member’s pronouns, gender identity, or name. We will ask all campers and staff members how they wish to be addressed, including name and pronouns. We ask about pronouns as a way to respect those within our community.
  • We strive to create a safe place where every camper feels comfortable being and expressing their true, genuine selves. This means they feel safe and brave enough to share a part of themselves others may not see, understand, or accept. We will inform parents and guardians only if the child gives their express consent.

Medical Information Confidentiality

  • Camper medical information is not disclosed to other campers or their families. We recognize medical information to include gender identity, sex assigned at birth, and transition status.

Non-Discrimination Policy

  • Camp staff and campers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, and experiences. We welcome all people of goodwill and strive to ensure the rich gifts of diversity are reflected and respected. We will not tolerate discrimination or bullying in any form or for any reason.

Dress Code

  • We honor campers and staff member's choice in dressing how they are most comfortable and wish to express themselves. For the safety of everyone, certain activities require certain clothing and footwear.
  • Clothing that promotes drugs and alcohol or has vulgar or inappropriate pictures or words will not be allowed.

Staff Training

  • All staff go through an intensive staff training prior to working with our campers. Training topics include a focus on diversity and inclusion, working with children of all ages and abilities and supporting the mental health of our campers and staff.
  • Camp Nan A Bo Sho hires staff of all gender identities and trains all our staff in gender-inclusive practices.

Please contact the Camp Director prior to registration with any questions you have about your child’s needs or how the above information relates to your child’s unique situation. If we can’t meet your child’s needs, we will be transparent with you.